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Meiho Clips - Application
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In spite of simple appearance, Meiho Clips are actually highly engineered product, Carefully selected, heavy gauge cold rolled steel is precisely cut, formed and collated to make clip stripes.

Standard Clips
Standard clips are precision-made and guarantee day in day-out trouble free work at all times. There are two different crown sizes with several leg lengths.
(Please see Wire Combination Chart to select the Clips Type & the right tool)

  "T" (TAPE) Clips

"T" (TAPE) Clips coated with glass filament tape on the inner side to avoid the noise happened. By adding "T" at the end of each clip could indicate the clips, e.g : CL-71T, etc.
"E" (Silent Clips)

"E" (Silent Clips) coated with 0.1 mm thick vinyl chloride on the inner side. These silent clips are double ensured against any squeaking or noise. By adding "E" at the end of each clip size, e.g : CL-4E, CL-74E, etc.
Most sizes are available as Silent Clips, which are essential for noiselessness.


Mini Clips

Mini Clips with only one half of normal crown size, these clips are ideal for tight corners & narrow places in various applications.


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