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1. Improved Quality of Your Product
  Tight clips make better spring assemblies and higher quality sofas, chairs, box springs and automobiles. The Hartco clinching method eliminates loose clips, loose wires, squeaks and rattles. All three clip ears are squeezed tight, all the way around the wires...there are no protruding clip ears to wear fabrics
2. Reduced Labor Cost Increases Profit
  Time studies conducted by large clip users prove Hartco cuts labor cost. Eight-way hand-tie and other smaller users have also reduced labor cost and increased profit from the use of fast, simple, magazine-fed Hartco tools.
Tools are lightweight and perfectly balanced for easy clipping by men or women. Many women fire 10,000 clips a day and more. Whether clipping border wires, paper-covered wires, or wires in tight spots, Hartco makes every spring-up job easier. One Hartco tool clinches several clip sizes, thus job easier. One Hartco tool clinches several clip sizes, thus avoiding the confusion, slow down and extra cost of multiple tools.
3. Minimum downtime and maintenance increases profit
  Downtime from jamming is no problem with Hartco tools. Simple design and rugged constructions ensures long, maintenance-free tool life, thus downtime and repair cost are negligible. Reduced maintenance labor and lowered spare parts cost result in greater profit for Hartco customers.